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When it comes to providing outstanding nursing, it’s the people on the front line who really matter. We’re not here to simply fill quotas , we’re here to ensure organisations have access to the finest nursing talent in their region, while helping skilled nurses find fulfilling, rewarding roles aided by a smooth recruitment process. This approach doesn’t just mean happy nurses and well-staffed organisations, it also means great healthcare for end users.

We match nursing staff from all backgrounds, with all levels of experience, with their ideal employers across the UK and USA. From Registered Mental Health Nurses, General Nurses to Health Care Assistants. We work closely with Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Care homes and prisons services to identify exceptional candidates on a temporary or basis to meet the demand of there end client

We invest time in learning about each client’s needs and each candidate’s unique skills, aspirations and lifestyle, delivering a selection of ideal candidates to the organisations we work with. We don’t send a pile of hit-and-miss CVs to organisations, instead we offer hand-picked candidates using recruitment criteria tailored to suit each employer – guaranteeing a great fit and a smoother recruitment process.

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Working as a nurse with Morgans Healthcare, you will benefit from: